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30+ years of experience working in the manufacturing business; Specially in cosmetics and food industry. We are industry leaders in contract packaging and give a caring touch as only a family business can achieve. We will provide quality, honesty, and transparency to develop an effective detailed business plan for small business startups. Our consulting services and business growth strategists will help improve your business by monitoring and adjusting techniques according to your continuous needs. As part of our services, we will continuously monitor your project in order to ensure the successful realization of your vision and goals as agreed upon by Fresh Start Consulting and the client. If adjustments are needed, we will continue to work with you and monitor progress, as your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

Performance Alnalysis

Fresh Start consulting will conduct a complete company analysis identifying issues inhibiting performance goals established by company expectations. Our team will offer specific remedies to individual issues enhancing your path towards success.

Financial Consulting

Fresh Start Consulting will analyze each production line in order to verify accuracy, efficiency, and output. After a thorough review of performance, we will produce a model for how gains and improvements in all aspects of production can be achieved.

RoadMap & Planning

Project development and lifecycle Workflow planning: Plan and strategize work to meet production and schedule requirements.


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